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A Reading  Looking to Easter

If you read my latest Facebook post, you can remember that Metatron and Sanat Kumara referenced a down pouring of Light at this time. The downloads of new codes and light activations are commonplace now, and we have spoken about their intensity and frequency increasing as well. Still, Metatron speaks of us receiving Light at this time as an occurrence that is standing on its own.

You’re aware that I interpret the cards intuitively, and here is the message I am receiving: card ‘Nourish’ depicts Divine Light pulsating towards Earth from the Source of Creation. Interesting to see that Earth is submerged in water, like collectively there is a feeling of drowning. I can even make up a face in distress in the cloud formations, almost like making a plea since this face is looking up, towards the source of Light. But Earth is not drowning! The part surfacing the water is illumined with white, bright Light, receiving these codes and assistance. 

As Earth/Gaia receives an integrates this Light, there is a Heart activation occurring in all its inhabitants, and of course, you’re one of them!

The formation of Light at the center of your heart depicted in the card ‘Divine Feminine’ mirrors the formation of Light in the card ‘Nourish’. Immediately Metatron reminds me of a quote I came across a couple of days ago from the Corpus Hermetica relating to the Principle of Correspondence. The simplified version says ‘As Above, So Below’, but what I came across was the full statement as translated to Latin, and its expression in English: “What is Below is as what is Above, what is Above is as what is Below, to accomplish the miracle of One”, emphasis on the last part of the statement “to accomplish the miracle of One”...

Emphasis on the last part of the statement “to accomplish the miracle of One”, One being ‘THE’ One (aka All That Is).

Which brings me to the card ‘Vesica Piscis’. What I see here is the correspondence of Light in each of the spheres, one sphere representing You as “Below” and the other sphere representing the “Above” Beings of Love and Light of the Higher Realms. It takes the conscious participation of both to accomplish the miracle of One, the miracle of Heart Centered Creation, as we can see in the space of intersection at the center of the Vesica Piscis. No wonder I was guided by Metatron to use a Flower of Life for our anchor grid instead of the traditional Metatron’s Cube I always use, and even the Flower of Life chime.

So, I ask Metatron for further guidance for us in what it is that we can do at this time, as we’re approaching Easter, and the first thing I see ‘Nourish’. Nourish your body with rest/sleep, gentle movement, blessing and drinking water, visualizing the waters of your body being calm and balanced, appreciating the nature around you (even if you’re in the parking lot of a big shopping mall in the middle of the city, if you look closely you’ll hear the bird chirping, and see the flower blooming, or smell the freshness in the air after the rain), meditate, get a massage (or rub your feet at night with your favorite lotion), book an energy healing session or take time to meditate every morning and night. As you appreciate your body, you’re also appreciating Nature (because you ARE nature), you are appreciating Earth/Gaia (another form of Correspondence!).

And the last card to come forward: “22. Divine Animals”. A flurry of information from this card, rounding up and confirmation of what we’ve talked about thus far:

~Divine Animals. As part of the Animal Kingdom in this Earth, you are Divine, as well as every other member of the Animal Kingdom (and any other Kingdom/Realm on Earth!)

~22. Archangel Sandalphon reminding us to ask for his assistance to ground deep into Gaia. Our Earth Star chakra can use his loving support, and it’s the ultimate ‘gate’ of “Below” for us!

~Lion. In the Christian tradition, the Lion is one of the associations with the Christ energy, and Easter is of course all to do with the Christed energy; which takes me to the following point; 

~Source & Heart Activation. We again have the combination of the Source Light and Heart we saw in the previous cards, and when these 2 become 1, there is an anointment occurring. In the Christian tradition, Pentecost celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and disciples as a Holy Fire anointing them at their crown chakra (of course, crown chakra is not something I heard back in my Bible school days, but this isn’t about religion either, so bear with me!). This is not about the traditions within Christianity, but all to do with the energy of this time.  Becoming one with the Light of Creation is the gateway to embodying the Christ energy within You. 

I don’t expect to see a blazing fire above my head, but then again Metatron says ‘Why not?'

~Bonus Card~

Besides the cards we used for our anchor grid (from Denise Jarvie's 'The Secret Language of Light'), I couldn’t help myself and asked Metatron for a color card to guide us at this time, and we received the card '43. Mauve. Enjoy Clear Hearing’.

Here is a photo of the the message in the booklet form the author of the deck (The Secret Language of Color), Inna Segal:

Get your creative juices Flowing!

I offer to you this Flower of Life and Metatron’s cube patterns for you to download,  print and create your own anchor grid as we near the Easter gateway. I used the Flower of Life pattern for Metatron’s message today and, as you can see, it’s not on the traditional magenta color I use.


Instead, I was inspired to use 2019’s Pantone’s Color of the Year: Living Coral. I find it appropriate for this reading because, as a Metatron Colour Healing Practitioner, one of my go to tools are the Archangel Metatron Energy Sprays. In this range of sprays, the Coral bottle is related to ‘Christ Light, Cosmic Love’, so very in tune with the energy of Easter.


I hope you have fun using both patterns:

(click on the image to print the .pdf)


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