Metatron Healing & Channeling -60min

Energy healing & channeling session with Archangel Metatron's guidance

  • 1 hour
  • 144 US dollars
  • Phone or Video Session

Service Description

60 minute session via phone or video call. Intuitive energy healing and channeling sessions with the guidance of Archangel Metatron as a complementary tool for self-mastery, harmony and balance. As guided by Metatron, I will intuitively tune in and, with you, energetically address and consciously release any blockage or resistance, as you allow for Grace to restore your fields and regain a sense of Balance and Harmony, all while transmitting Metatron’s message for you to empower yourself and shine your Light. As you further align to your Divine Self and step into your Self-Mastery, you will recognize the Radiant Divine Frequency of Pure Unconditional Love that you already are (and always have been!), and more fully be present and create in your life from this Sacred inner space! After you book a session, I will email you an electronic form. This form is only filled once, prior to our first session. Please remember that working with the energy frequency of Archangel Metatron is to do with your self-mastery, and the information is transmitted to you with that premise; as such, this session is not to do with telling fortunes.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of these services no cancelations are accepted nor do we provide refunds, but we can reschedule within 30 days of your purchase to accommodate your needs. Dada la naturaleza de estos servicios, no se aceptan cancelaciones ni reembolsos, pero para acomodar sus necesidades, podemos regentar su cita dentro de los primeros 30 días de su compra.

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