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I am filled with Joy in bringing to you these Aromatherapy Sprays

channeled with the Energy and Frequency of the Divine Feminine,

each one Handcrafted with Heart and Soul!


To bring forward each Aromatherapy Spray, I first go into a meditative state with Archangel Metatron/Holy Spirit, and into the Creator’s Light. From this Space, I more consciously connect with my Higher Self and the Divine Feminine (Hathor, Isis, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene were very close to me during this process), and I tune into the Essence of each Aromatherapy Spray, first sensing a feeling, followed by a scent that evokes this emotion.

'Open your Heart and receive the plant medicine

these potent potions are here to offer you...

a gift from All That Is to you now.'

~ Hathor, Divine Feminine

I then sit with the more than 250 Uttati Essential Oils I work with to sense which resonates with the Essence that is coming through. Each of these Essential Oils is of the highest grade, pure, unadulterated and unfiltered, produced under time-proven conditions; they contribute their beautiful scent and with the Aromatherapeutic effect that, as the wisdom from this ancient practice has taught us, stimulates all of your bodies and fields (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual).


As each Aromatherapy Spray comes together, every one of its components (from the Artesian Water that springs from the Rocky Mountains, to the Essential Oils, its bottle, and everything in between) is Blessed and Energetically activated with the Creator’s Light, Divine Frequencies, Crystals, Astrological Cycles, Sacred Geometry and Tones.

I hope you enjoy each Aromatherapy Spray, and get to experience the support they are here to offer you!

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