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 Disclaimer, Terms, Conditions, Waiver and Consent for Services

It is our understanding that by you using this website and/or making a purchase of product or service you have beforehand read, understood, acknowledged, agreed and consented to all of the the following: 

All information provided is intended for people 18 years of age and older.

Any statements on this site or elsewhere published/advertised or any materials or tools or techniques or services or products Radiant Divine Frequencies provides or distributes or sells have not been evaluated, cleared, authorized, nor verified by scientific methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) or other governmental agencies. 

Statements or testimonials published/advertised on this site or elsewhere are for informational purposes and not to be misrepresented to imply guarantee health benefits or results of any kind. 


Any statement, testimonial, material, product, service on this site or elsewhere published/advertised is NOT intended to be a substitute for any professional medical, professional legal, professional mental, professional financial advice. 


Any statement, testimonial, material, product, service on this site or elsewhere published/advertised is NOT intended to assess, diagnose, prevent, treat, intervene and/or cure any disease and/or ailment. 


Always seek and follow the advice of a licensed professional for your medical, mental, legal, and financial needs. I am not a licensed physician, surgeon, therapist, psychologist, lawyer, attorney, financial advisor.


The user assumes all risks when using these products and is solely responsible for the choices user makes and their consequences. 

Due to the nature of our services, no cancellations are accepted after a purchase is completed, nor refunds provided. We do not provide refunds or accept cancellations or returns after a payment is processed.

About Metatron Healing and Services I Provide:

As a Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioner, I am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Colorado as a health care professional.  I am not a licensed medical physician and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe remedies for the treatment of disease.  The services I perform, whether in person, by mail or by phone, are at all times restricted to complementary and alternative health care services intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of general well-being.  I am prohibited from performing surgery or any invasive procedure, administer or prescribe x-ray radiation, prescribe prescription drugs, use general or spinal anesthetics, administer ionizing radioactive substances, use a laser device that punctures the skin, perform enemas/colonics unless board certified, practice midwifery, practice psychotherapy, perform spinal manipulation, practice optometry, directly administer medical protocols to a pregnant woman or a person who has cancer, practice dentistry, set fractures, practice massage therapy, provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis or recommend the discontinuation of a course of care recommended by a health care professional.  I am also prohibited from treating children less than two years of age.  In order to treat a child who is between 2-8 years of age, I must have a written, signed consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian.

The Services I Provide are as follow~

What Metatron Healing is:

Metatron Healing are divine energy healing and channeling sessions where, as guided by Archangel Metatron, your practitioner will intuitively tune in and, with you, energetically address and consciously release any blockage or resistance, as you allow for Divine energy to restore your fields and regain a sense of Balance and Harmony.

Theory of Treatment:

Stress, trauma and illness disturb the natural energy flow and balance through the body, as well as the person’s acknowledgement of their own Divine essence and energy. Metatron Healing looks to assist the person to restore their energy balance and a sense of personal harmony through their extended energy systems, all while working with Divine energy and Archangel Metatron’s empowering message. Your practitioner is believed to be a witness and conduit of this Divine energy, and as such cannot guarantee any specific results by providing this service.

Nature of the Services Provided:

~ Proximity sessions: The person sits fully clothed, whilst the practitioner sits across or nearby the person. As the practitioner holds energetic space and guides the person through visualization/meditation, the practitioner will intuitively tune in and, with the person, energetically address and consciously release any blockage or resistance, as the person allows for Divine energy to radiate through their fields, which the person may experience as, for example: coolness, warmth, tingling, relaxation, or nothing at all. During the session, with the intention to dissolve energy blockages and restore balance, the practitioner may use items (such as crystals/minerals, oracle cards, fabrics, sacred geometry) on, around, or nearby the client, sweep their hands above the body in a various ways, incorporate breath or vocal tones, and will share any insights and/or intuitive channeled messages.    

~ Distance sessions: Sessions where the person and practitioner go through the structure of a ‘proximity session’ while being on a phone/video call.

In 2001 your Practitioner was attuned to the energy modality Usui Reiki (levels I&II), and has since been a student or completed courses in a couple more energy healing modalities. The most recent in 2019, Astrology for Ascension Metatron Ascension & Healing Modality, as a Student and now Practitioner.
Your Practitioner continues to update her knowledge and skills with further study and courses under various teachers.

Client Acknowledgment and Consent to Receive Services (As of 12/21/2020, it will be kept on file for 2 years after the last day of service)

By completing a purchase via you acknowledge that you have been read, understood, acknowledged, agreed and consented to these Disclaimer, Terms, Conditions, Waiver and Consent for Services, in accordance with Colorado state SB13-215, and other applicable laws.

Read the full State Bill 13-215 here.    

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