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Metatron Energy Healing Q&A

What is Metatron Healing?

Metatron Healing are Divine energy healing and channeling sessions where, as guided by Archangel Metatron, I will intuitively tune in and, with you, energetically address and consciously release any blockage or resistance, as you allow for the Divine energy of Grace to restore your fields and regain a sense of Balance and Harmony, all while transmitting Metatron’s message for you to empower yourself and shine your Light. 

How can I book a personalized Metatron Healing Session?

You can book a session through my website! Go to "SESSIONS", choose to have our session via phone call or video-call. I will call you at the time/date of your choosing. (First time clients: I will email you an electronic form for you to formally consent for services and fill out before our session).

What happens during a Metatron Healing session?

In our Divine energy healing and channeling sessions, held via phone call or video-call conversation, Archangel Metatron will guide me as to what blockages or resistance we need to address/release. I will hold space energetically, as you allow for Grace to restore your 13 chakra system and fields, and regain a sense of Balance and Harmony.


You may experience the energy as coolness, warmth, tingling, relaxation, or nothing at all. In our time together, I will transmit Metatron’s message for you to empower yourself and shine your Light. To finish, I will email you photographs of the anchor grid and materials laid during the session (if any), as well as any insights and/or intuitively received messages for you.

Please remember that working with the energy frequency of Archangel Metatron is to do with your Self-Mastery. As such, this session is not about fortune telling.

I changed my mind after booking a session, can I cancel it?

Due to the nature of these services cancellations are not accepted, and refunds are not provided, but I can work on rescheduling a session within a month of your purchase to accommodate your needs!

Did I miss something?

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