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Allow the scent of Light-Hearted Aromatherapy Spray be a spark of joy and lift your Spirit!


❃  Here's how Light~Hearted Aromatherapy Spray is intended to support You ❃


Essential Oil blend:

Blue Lotus Divine Inspiration.

Blackberry Renewal and Regeneration.

Clary Sage Relaxing, Comforting, Grounding, promotes a sensation of well-being.

Hyacinth Supports processes of grieving and loss, overcoming apathy, fatigue, burnout.  

Juniper Alpine Cleansing and Purifying. 

Lantana Balancing, Uplifting. Release criticism, defeatist tendencies. Set healthy Boundaries. 

Lemon Myrtle Purifies feelings of weakness and brings Clarity about One's Gifts. 

Lime Refreshing. Promotes Clarity and moving Forward with Liveliness. 

Litsea cubeba Energizing, Purifying, Balancing. Restorative. Pacifies excess negative energy.

Rhododendron Soothing. Alleviates overwhelm of anxiety, guilt, post-traumatic stress.

Yuzu Joyfulness, Focus ,Clarity, Creativity. Set healthy Boundaries.


‘Feel the spark of Joy flutter through your entire being as you relax and open your senses to the lightness-of-Heart frequency this scent offers you’  ~Divine Feminine ♥ 


The Artesian Spring Water is enhanced with a Gem Elixir of Crystal Ankh, Silver Shungite, Kammererite, Emerald, Golden Healer, Rose Quartz and Pure White Mountain Crystal Quartz that is concocted and charged with the the energy of Moonlight, Sunlight and Astrological Cycles.


'Open your Heart and receive the plant medicine these potent potions are here to offer you...a gift from All That Is to you now' ~Hathor, Divine Feminine. 






This listing is for (1) 2fl.oz 'Light~Hearted' Aromatherapy Spray; photo images are for presentation purposes.


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