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One-of-a-kind Essential Oils: Uttati~

In the Egyptian language, the term Uttati means both the Sun and the Moon. It represents the harmony, balance, well-being and health offered by Uttati through its Essential Oils line of products.

Uttati founder Raed Rady can trace his family's involvement in the art of Essential Oils and aromatic medicine to the time of the Pharaohs... ancient wisdom formulas used in Egyptian temples. His personal commitment to the modern use of Essential Oils combines the best of science along with healing art traditions that have been preserved and passed on for generations. As a result, Uttati brings a unique perspective to the production and use of Essential Oils for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Although Raed and his family have deep roots in Egypt, through the generations Uttati Oils has developed and established relationships with growers around the Globe. Uttati offers only the purest form of Essential Oils produced only under proven optimum conditions.

They are not diluted or adulterated in any way. Uttati underlines that these Essential Oils contain no extenders, preservatives or additives of any kind, and because of their potent concentration they are only for external use!

Uttati Essential Oils come from organically grown plant materials extracted during the first press of the distillation process, and are the Essential Oils used in Radiant Divine Frequency’s Aromatherapy Sprays.

If you’re interested in trying the beautiful Uttati Essential Oils, as well as the Divinely channeled Aromatherapy Sprays I have created, you can do so by purchasing them here.

With Grace and Love~

Martha Judith.

Disclaimer: Although Aromatherapy is a practice that dates back millennia, these products/statements have not been evaluated, cleared, authorized, nor verified by scientific methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) or other governmental agencies. Statements or testimonials published/advertised are for informational purposes and not to be misrepresented to imply guarantee health benefits or results of any kind. These statements are not intended to assess, diagnose, prevent, treat, intervene and/or cure any disease and/or ailment.


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