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Blue Lotus, an essence for Divine Inspiration.

Blue Lotus, blue water lily, Egyptian lotus, Sacred blue lily. The Sacred flower of ancient Egypt, prized by priests and royalty alike, used for ceremonial, recreational and medicinal purposes since temples past for its entheogenic properties, and from what historians gather, not accesible to the masses.

Even in our day and age the Blue Lotus flower is rare, and properly cultivating and harvesting its pure essential oil (with no additives or extenders) takes very skilled artisan hands, making the true pure essential oil of Blue Lotus even rarer. When properly harvested, its essential oil requires awareness in handling and working with it as it is highly potent… just looking at the interpretation of New World Encyclopedia for the term ‘entheogen’ gives a clear idea: ‘derived from two words of ancient Greek: entheos and genesthai. The adjective entheos translate as "full of the god". Genesthai means "to come into being”. Thus, an entheogen is a substance that causes one to become inspired or to experience feelings of inspiration, often in a religious or "spiritual" manner’.

At the time I was channeling through the blends for my range of Aromatherapy Sprays, I was talking to a very close friend about this very fine essential oil and how I was intending to integrate it on each of my blends to elevate their synergistic effect, and make this rare essential oil accesible to everyone through the Aromatherapy Sprays. I felt yet another confirmation to do so when she, a Divine channel herself, heard from Archangel Metatron the words ‘Divine Inspiration’, as that’s exactly what I felt coming through to be shared with everyone: Aromatherapy Sprays that would connect each person to their own Divinity, being inspired by these beautiful scents.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Blue Lotus, and and how Divine Love, Serene and Light~Hearted Aromatherapy Sprays came to be.

With Grace and Love~

Martha Judith

Disclaimer: Although Aromatherapy is a practice that dates back millennia, these products/statements have not been evaluated, cleared, authorized, nor verified by scientific methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) or other governmental agencies. Statements or testimonials published/advertised are for informational purposes and not to be misrepresented to imply guarantee health benefits or results of any kind. These statements are not intended to assess, diagnose, prevent, treat, intervene and/or cure any disease and/or ailment.


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