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Crystal Grid ~ Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus

Hello everyone! As you might be aware, we’re coming up to a Full Moon eclipse exacting during tomorrow’s early hours, and its powerful energy can already be felt! ✨

This crystal grid is created with the intention to support us in being present, anchored, centered for the coming days/weeks, and make the most of these energies for the Highest Good of All That Is (of which our Highest Good is intrinsic!).

The crystals at a glance~

Hawk’s Eye: Looking within from a Higher perspective with sharp precision. Looking at the Highest perspective and allowing deeper insights; with Ease, Grace and Courage, one can see issues that have been hard to look at in order to acknowledge and dissolve low energy patterns. Eases the nervous system and promotes feelings of Self-Worth while dispelling self-criticism. Chakras: Third Eye & Root.

Eye of the Storm: Strong, Stable, and Peaceful at One’s core during times of upheaval and necessary change*. From exquisite crystals - ‘..known to clear infections from the body, as well as the mind. It is most commonly in tune with the root or base chakra … [it] contains raw, dynamic energy that encourages balance, strength and peace. It reprograms any sense of loss, and replaces negative energies with a sense of abundance. … also known to relieve stress, and promotes natural detox of the mind … ward of sickness, and to fight against disease.’ Chakras: All chakras.

Silver Shungite: Grounding and Protection. Cleanses, detoxifies and enhances water, be in within your body or the water in the environment. It is believed to protect from EMFs, clear viruses and bacteria. This rare type of Shungite is composed of 90-98% carbon, and it contains almost all of the minerals in the periodic table. Chakras: All chakras.

Fairy Cross: Calming & Relaxing. Removes stress, fear and anxiety from the body, heart and mind. Aids in releasing lower energy habits/addictions. Chakras: Aligns the chakra column, particularly balancing through the Earth Star, Root and Third Eye.

Rose Quartz: Purifies, Protects, Calms and Reassures. It promotes the acknowledgement of the Creator’s Love and Peace within, softening the Heart and allowing it to be the clear vessel of the Creator’s Pure Unconditional Love.

White Aventurine: It promotes being open to wide fields of opportunities and adventure, and to align to Courage to “follow One’s Heart”, Chakras: Crown, Heart.

Tiger’s Eye: Embrace your inner Strength. Cultivate vitality, self-confidence and align your personal willpower to the Creator’s Power. Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus.

Dragon’s Eye: Grounding and invigorating. This crystals combines the energy of the Earth and Sun. It rekindles creative passion and your inner flame, promoting a healthy sense of Self. Chakras: Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus.

Lapis Lazuli: Express yourself. See and speak the Truth. Align your Chakras: Throat, Alta Major and Third Eye.

8-pointed linear star formation: as I’ve shared before, this is the balancing of cardinal directions (think compass), 4 seasons, the masculine-feminine within. In 3 dimensions, it expresses as a star, compound of cube (root chakra: grounding) & octahedron (heart chakra: love, compassion).

May it support your wellbeing in the days/weeks/months to come!

~ Martha Judith x

ps - If you’re interested in a detailed astrological forecast for this Full Moon (and guidance from Metatron), be sure to check out the latest free video by Astrology for Ascension!

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