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💙 Serene Aromatherapy Spray ☥

Hello everyone! As I continue to present a brief introduction of each Aromatherapy Spray, today I share a little more on ‘Serene’ and the Aromatherapeutic support of its Essential Oils, a blend created to support you by enveloping you in Peace and Calmness:

Blue Lotus Divine Inspiration.

Chamomile Roman Surrender despair and hopelessness, and move into the Light. Cypress Grounding. Promotes Fluidity, and feelings of being Safe and Secure. Kunzea Release, Dissolve and Purify clogged energies/emotions. Jasmine Arabian Embrace Unconditional Love. Uplifting. Lavender Egypt Calming, Relaxing and Purifying. Mint Bergamot Balancing. Calming and Uplifting.

It is a scent that will inspire you to immediately create Space within, for you to settle into.

As the Divine Mother Mary shared in her channeled message for this Aromatherapy Spray: ‘Melt into a sweet Space as you take a relaxing breath in, melting away any frazzled energies and attuning your vibration to peacefulness and calmness’.

Surely a beautiful aroma and energy to work with; I, for instance, find it helpful during meditation time, or in the day if perceived pressures of that ‘to-do’ list arise and a moment to reconnect within is in order to attune to my Higher guidance, as well as part of my evening ritual to transition into a restful time in preparation for sleep.

I hope you get to enjoy ‘Serene’ and learning of how its here to support you, and that you have a blissful day!

With Grace and Love~ Martha Judith

Disclaimer: Although Aromatherapy is a practice that dates back millennia, these products/statements have not been evaluated, cleared, authorized, nor verified by scientific methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) or other governmental agencies. Statements or testimonials published/advertised are for informational purposes and not to be misrepresented to imply guarantee health benefits or results of any kind. These statements are not intended to assess, diagnose, prevent, treat, intervene and/or cure any disease and/or ailment.


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