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💛 Light~Hearted Aromatherapy Spray ☥

Happy 2/2 everyone! Be it that you're in the Northern hemisphere where the light is increasing during the daytime, or you're in the Southern hemisphere where the nights are staring to linger a little longer, I hope you are all well, and nourishing yourselves in these trying times.

Today I want to share with you a brief introduction to the Essential Oils that make the blend for Light~Hearted, an Aromatherapy Spray created to support you by clearing and uplifting your Heart Center:

Blue Lotus ⚭ Divine Inspiration. Blackberry ⚭ Renewal and Regeneration. Clary Sage ⚭ Relaxing, Comforting, Grounding, promotes a sensation of well-being. Hyacinth ⚭ Supports processes of grieving and loss, overcoming apathy, fatigue, burnout. Juniper Alpine ⚭ Cleansing and Purifying. Lantana ⚭ Balancing, Uplifting. Release criticism, defeatist tendencies. Set healthy Boundaries. Lime ⚭ Refreshing. Promotes Clarity and moving Forward with Liveliness. Litsea cubeba ⚭ Energizing, Purifying, Balancing. Restorative. Pacifies excess negative energy. Rhododendron ⚭ Soothing. Alleviates overwhelm of anxiety, guilt, post-traumatic stress. Yuzu ⚭ Joyfulness, Focus ,Clarity, Creativity. Set healthy Boundaries.

It is an aroma that will inspire you to release and dissolve any stuck or stagnant energy or emotion in your Heart-space, in turn making it Lighter and allowing for your Light to shine through. As the Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene shared in regards to Light~Hearted: ‘Feel the spark of Joy flutter through your entire being as you relax and open your senses to the lightness-of-Heart frequency this scent offers you’.

In times when there is a lot of emotion coming up to the surface (like this past Full Moon and the days surrounding it!) I found that having the scent of Light~Hearted around in my meditation time, and throughout the day, has helped me to clear my heart space and move through my emotions with more ease.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Light~Hearted a little more, and that your days are filled with Joy in your heart!

With Grace and Love~ Martha Judith.

Disclaimer: Although Aromatherapy is a practice that dates back millennia, these products/statements have not been evaluated, cleared, authorized, nor verified by scientific methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) or other governmental agencies. Statements or testimonials published/advertised are for informational purposes and not to be misrepresented to imply guarantee health benefits or results of any kind. These statements are not intended to assess, diagnose, prevent, treat, intervene and/or cure any disease and/or ailment.


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